Restoration Workshop is in the business of undoing what the years have done—years of neglect, years of abuse, or even years of normal wear and tear.  We can remove a deteriorated finish if necessary, repair or replace broken parts, and make your run-down family heirloom look like it did in its prime.

We never try to make a fine old piece of furniture look brand new.  Instead, we want to preserve its character and integrity by making it look like it's been tenderly cared for all of its life—even if it hasn't.

If you've been hiding an old piece of furniture in your attic or back room because it looks so bad, let us take a look at it and recommend a remedy.  Give us a chance to make it useful and attractive again, so what was collecting dust can begin to collect compliments!
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New life for neglected 
and abused furniture
This antique leather trunk was a disaster. It really belonged in the landfill, but the owner was attached to it sentimentally and didn't want to part with it. The leather was rotten from age and having been wet.  The end panel had fallen off! Leather was missing from the end of the lid.  Nothing lined up; the lid wouldn't
come down straight on the bottom. The insides were gross!  We had to patch in new leather where the old was missing or rotted away, then "age" the new to make it appear like the rest of it. Now the owner truly has something of value, an heirloom to be proud of.
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 This trunk is an example of what we do
Restoration Workshop
Something New!
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Actually, a couple of things are new news at Restoration Workshop:

1.  We are now manufacturing a unique product and are sending them around the country.  Take a look at 

2.  I wrote a book, but it's not about furniture restoration.  Would you like to see what it's about?  Please click